Nicaragua…Thoughts for The Birds in The Avocado Tree

So busy…

With so many stories to tell and no time to tell them.

But this morning, I am locked inside the house and not ready to start my workday.

The Fransiscan family I am staying with in Diriamba only have one key to the front gate, so my wings are clipped a bit. In the steady routines of their days I feel sharply the contrast of my own lifestyle, doing what I want when I want.

This morning, before they were up, I made myself an espresso and climbed the stairs to the roof and had a smoke with the birds in the avocado tree, hoping they would not find that strange were they to come outside. The house is built around a central courtyard, making it possible to be outside without leaving the house. If it were otherwise, I would be suffering rather than simply inconvenienced in this way that I find really productive.

When our patterns and assumptions are challenged, it is/can be deeply transformative.

And Nicaragua has challenged me.

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“The way out of the conundrum posed to you by your reliance on ideological beliefs and your vulnerability in the face of the unknown, is the development of a truly integrated and powerful character – and that is an individual development … that means constant confrontation with things you don’t understand and constant attempts to ensure that your character is composed of truth and solidity rather than deceit.”

Jordan B Peterson